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The Peanut Gallery

all the fun and useless pictures you can shake a stick at!


it's a bird... it's a plane... it's the front page picture

a portrait of insanity....

lovers by the bridge

romantic moment

superly duper

fun subway antics

ever had one of those nights?

....and they forever wondered where their "Keep Out" sign dissapeared to that night....

they're grrrrrrrrrreat!

eat cup o' noodles

pensive lover

paper...... or plastic?

 i see you!

he be un artista de photographia


... and so, the beat goes on....


hatching plans


squee! soh-kun and one of his best buds!

daily grind

he doesn't know them.... he just jumped in their picture

izzent he so cute?

mah baby when he wuzzah baby!

iz sweet!

romantic interlude


yay! halloween! i love it! ps- i look fat in this picture T~T

soh's car obsession

bmw lovers of japan

locker room

i like contemporary photography

isn't it obvious?

everybody knows THIS pose

mmm... sugar... @.@

snacky snack snack

good cd player

brand loyalty (btw, that's a SONY)


as summer fades into autumn

the silver elephant

the silver elephant club iz fun

yet again, it becons me


braclets are fun

me and my other big baby

she's a biggun

hi mom & chloe!